Using the 'Try It!' Feature

The 'Try It!' feature appears on the API reference page for each API request, allowing you to test the request without leaving this site. This section walks you through using this feature, and it provides an example of testing a Payment Gateway API 'Sale' request as a merchant.




Perform the tasks below to use the 'Try It!' feature.

1. Select a function

Use the left-hand navigation on this site to navigate to the API request you wish to test.


Example: Sale Request

In the left-hand navigation, expand 'Payment Gateway' and select 'Sale (Auth + Capture).'


2. Select the base path

Under 'URL,' use the 'Base URL' drop-down menu to select the correct base path, as follows:

  • If you are testing a Payment Gateway request, select
  • If the request is supported by any other API resource (i.e. Application Boarding, Reporting, etc.), it is a Platform request. Select


Example: Sale Request

Select This generates the URL


3. Input request data

Input your request data by doing one of the following:

  • Manual entry - Go through the parameter fields and input data for the request, paying attention to 'required' fields and conditional requirements.
  • Auto-populate - If it is available for your function, you can auto-populate the request with sample data. To do so, click the 'EXAMPLES' drop-down menu in the box of sample code, then select 'Request Example.' Fill in any parameter fields that require authenticating information, such as merchant_id.


Example: Sale Request

Click 'EXAMPLES' and then 'Request Example.' Put your merchant ID in the merchant_id field. If you are a Maast Partner testing on behalf of a merchant, you should also put your vendor ID in the vendor_id field.


4. Input credentials

Input your testing credentials as follows (see Prerequisites to get your credentials):

  • If you are a merchant, enter your API key in the password field.
  • If you are a vendor, enter your vendor API key in the password field. (The vendor ID is also referred to as the integrator ID.)


Example: Sale Request

Enter your merchant API key in the password field.


5. Try It!

Select 'Try It!' in the box of sample request code.


Example: Sale Request

Select 'Try It!'


The test response will appear in the 'RESPONSE' box, below the sample request code.