Maast offers two main APIs that allow access to our resources from within your app:

  • Payment Gateway API - This supports submitting requests for authentication, payment, and many other common payments functions.
  • Platform API - This includes endpoints for functions one can find in the Maast Manager portal, such as reporting, setting up account features, and managing customer information.

The Payment Gateway API is POST-based, and it mainly relies on a body payload to deliver data. The Platform API uses many GET-based endpoints and query parameters.

See About Our APIs in Guides for more information.

Base Paths

Our two main APIs use distinct base paths. See the base paths below:

APITest Base PathProduction Base Path
Payment Gatewayhttps://api-test.maast.com/pghttps://api.maast.com/pg

All Payment Gateway requests use the Payment Gateway API base path. All other requests use the Platform API base path.


API requests are organized into 13 different resources, listed below. The Payment Gateway resource uses the Payment Gateway API. All other resources use the Platform API.

Here are the resources with links to their implementation guides:

  • Payment Gateway - Send 16 different transaction requests.
  • Application Boarding - Generate and manage merchant onboarding applications.
  • Reporting - Access a wide range of reports on demand.
  • Dispute Management - Receive and manage payment card disputes.
  • Payee Vault - Securely store and manage payee details.
  • Recurring Billing - Set up and manage plans and subscriptions.
  • Invoicing - Create and manage customized invoices.
  • Webhooks - Create and manage automatic notifications of various events.
  • Account Updater - Create and manage Account Updater requests to keep card information up-to-date.
  • Customer Vault - Securely store and manage customer billing details.
  • Integrator - Create test accounts and get merchant account data.
  • Checkout - Create Dynamic Checkout links and get Checkout transaction data.
  • Embedded Fields - Get a transient key for embedded fields integration.


Maast APIs use HTTP Basic authentication. See the API Reference Authentication page for details about obtaining and using API keys.