Application Boarding

Streamline the onboarding process with our API.

The Application Boarding API resource of our Platform API performs a series of functions for the merchant application process. A Maast partner or ISV can create their own onboarding experience using the API to generate, send, and validate merchant applications and to retrieve relevant information.

This page provides an overview of the resource and the requests it supports. The guides in its subpages give instructions for implementing two of its key requests: Create Application and Validate Application. See Application Boarding in our API Reference for field definitions and details on all supported requests.

For more information on the application boarding process and boarding merchants through the Maast partner portal, see Application and Boarding in the Maast Knowledge Base.


The Application Boarding API resource supports several different requests. We offer API reference for all supported requests and detailed implementation guides for two of them.

We have guides for the following API functions:

See Application Boarding in API Reference for the following additional functions supported by the API:

How It Works

An ISV can manage the application boarding process entirely through the Maast portal or through a combination of portal and API requests. An example workflow involving API is as follows:

  1. Initiate - A merchant agrees to work with an ISV and provides information required by the ISV.
  2. Create Application - The ISV sends a ‘Create Application’ request to the Maast API to generate a new Maast merchant application. The API returns an application ID (app_id) to the ISV.
  3. Request Notification - Optionally, the ISV creates webhooks to notify them when the application is approved, declined, or canceled.
  4. Prefill Application - Optionally, the ISV uses the application ID to send ‘Save Data’ and ‘Upload Document’ requests to the API to prefill the application with information the merchant has already provided. The ISV can also send ‘Validate Application’ requests to check which data requirements have been met.
  5. Email Application - The ISV sends an ‘Email Application’ request to the API. The API emails the merchant a link to their application.
  6. Merchant Clickthrough - The merchant follows the emailed link to their application in the Maast Merchant portal. They finish the application, perform the clickthrough disclosure, and submit the form.
  7. Underwriting - The Maast portal sends the application to underwriting, and the application is approved or declined.
  8. Notification - The merchant receives emailed notification of the application’s approval or decline. The ISV receives notification if using an appropriate webhook.