Additional Features

Access optional features for Hosted Checkout's dynamic link method.

When using the dynamic link method, Hosted Checkout supports features you can integrate in addition to the payment profile configurations set in Maast Manager. This page provides information on integrating these optional features with the dynamic link method.

Customize Receipts

By default, Maast uses a receipt profile with minimal information prefilled so that you can start sending receipts right away. See the Receipts in Mast Manager guide for instructions on customizing your receipts in the Maast Manager portal.

Partial Payments

Perform the following steps to have the Checkout API resource support partial payments through Hosted Checkout:

  1. Set allow_partial_payments to true in the preferences object when you Create a Checkout Link.
  2. Set the transaction amount in the amt_tran field.
  3. You can then re-use the link multiple times for the customer to make incremental payments.
    • The link expires when the transaction amount is paid in full or when the preset link expiration time limit has elapsed.
  4. When the link has expired, or if there are unexpected issues loading the checkout page, the customer will be redirected to failure_url, with the checkout_id and error_message in the request parameters.
    • If a failure_url is not provided, the customer will be redirected to a Maast error page.
  5. Query the status of a checkout transaction by following the steps in the Look Up Checkout Payment guide.


You can also accept partial payments by selecting "Allow customer to enter amount at checkout" in Maast Manager's "Amount & Frequency" section.


When using the dynamic link method, you can use Maast webhooks to receive real-time results of Hosted Checkout transactions. This can help you automate processes and updates to your system.

The following webhook events are available for Hosted Checkout:

  • checkout_payment_success - Invoked when your customer has successfully processed a one-time payment through your checkout page.
  • checkout_payment_failure - Invoked when your customer's one-time checkout payment was declined.
  • subscription_created - Invoked when a customer has successfully subscribed to a recurring payment through your checkout page.

Refer to Webhooks documentation for instructions on configuring and using a webhook. See Webhook Conventions for more details on webhook events.

Reporting API

You can use Maast's Reporting API resource with the Hosted Checkout dynamic link method to request transaction information. See the Reporting guide to integrate this resource.