Dispute Management

Receive and manage payment card disputes with our API.

Our Dispute Management API resource is a collection of Platform API endpoints for merchants and dispute vendors to receive and manage disputes that cardholders may file with their issuing banks. Use it to create dispute test cases, respond to disputes, and get updates and further information about them.

You should primarily use the Dispute Management Guide in Additional Features for information on how to handle disputes.

If you wish to use API to manage disputes, please contact Maast Support first.

This page provides an overview of the API resource, specifically, and the features it supports. Subpages have implementation guides for three requests: Create Dispute Data, Submit a Dispute Response, and Accept a Dispute. See Dispute Management in API Reference for details on all API requests. Find relevant conventions in Dispute Conventions.


Our Dispute Management API resource has the following benefits:

  • Webhooks integration - Use with webhooks to automatically receive dispute cases.
  • Portal integration - Use with the Maast Manager portal to proceed with dispute challenges and to configure a dispute vendor or merchant.

The resource supports several different requests. We offer API reference for all supported requests and detailed guides for some.

We have implementations guides for the following API functions:

See Dispute Management in API Reference for the following additional functions supported by the API: