Customer Vault

Let Maast securely store customer billing details.

The Customer Vault API resource is a group of Platform API endpoints for securely storing and referencing customer payment details in the Maast Customer Vault. Customer Vault reduces the amount of associated payment data that touches your servers, and it enables subsequent payment billing information to be fulfilled by Maast. (This is distinct from the information stored via Payment Gateway API; see Payment Method Storage for more information.)

This page provides an overview of Customer Vault and the API requests you can use to interact with it. Subpages contain implementation guides for several important Customer Vault API requests. See Customer Vault in our API Reference for endpoints and details on all supported transactions.

To manage Customer Vault profiles through the Maast manager portal, see the Customer Vault section of the Maast Knowledge Base. To create a hosted page for Customer Vault entries, see the Hosted Checkout Customer Vault guide.


Our Customer Vault API resource supports the following features:

  • Plans and subscriptions - Initiate scheduled payments for stored customers or use Maast's Recurring Billing API resource to initiate scheduled payments on your behalf.
  • Storage for multiple cards and addresses - If your customer uses more than one payment method or shipping address, you can store as many as you wish on their record. Each one will have a unique ID for you to reference.
  • Editable customer records - You can create a customer profile with only the customer's name, then add and edit information at any time.
  • Account Updater integration - Keep your customers' data up-to-date using Maast's integration with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards' Account Updater programs.
  • Secure storage - All data is stored securely with Maast, a PCI DSS certified Level 1 service provider.

The API supports several different requests. We offer API Reference for all supported requests and detailed implementation guides for some.

We have guides for the following API requests:

See Customer Vault in API Reference for the following additional functions supported by the API:

How It Works

This section provides an overview of the Customer Vault workflow.

  1. The customer creates an account with the merchant, sending the customer's information to the merchant server.
  2. The merchant server creates a customer ID, and it sends an 'Add a Customer' request to Customer Vault. The API returns a confirmation response.
  3. The merchant server returns a confirmation response to the customer.
  4. The customer adds payment data (such as credit card information) to their account, sending the request to the merchant server.
  5. The merchant server sends an 'Add a Payment Method' request with the customer ID to Customer Vault. The API returns a confirmation response.
  6. The merchant server returns a confirmation response to the customer.

Account Updater Integration

The Account Updater service can automatically check and update U.S.-issued payment card data stored in Customer Vault. See Account Updater in Maast Manager to enroll and the Account Updater API guide for more information.