Access a range of reports on demand.

Our Reporting API resource is a collection of Platform API endpoints for accessing a wide range of reports on demand, from transactions to chargeback data. You can use the reports in your accounting platform or share data with customers.

This page gives an overview of Reporting and the requests it supports. Subpages provide implementation guides for a few important Reporting requests. See Reporting in API Reference for endpoints and details on all supported transactions.


Our Reporting API resource has the following benefits:

  • Filtering - Filter data requests by many possible variables to customize results.
  • Flexibility - Reports vary in granularity, so you can request summary or detailed data.
  • Security - Data is handled by Maast, a PCI DSS certified Level 1 compliant Service Provider.

The resource can provide and filter data in several different reports. We offer API reference for all supported requests and detailed guides for some.

We have implementation guides for the following requests:

See Reporting in API Reference for the following additional requests supported by the API:

How It Works

The Reporting API resource workflow is as follows:

  1. Request - The merchant's server sends an on-demand request to the API for a specified report and data set.
  2. Response - The Maast server returns the requested data to the merchant's server.
  3. Display - Optionally, the merchant can display the data in their software for their customers or use it internally with their own accounting platform.