Application Boarding Conventions

This page provides conventions for use with the Application Boarding API resource. For instructions on implementing Application Boarding API requests, see the Application Boarding implementation guide as well as the relevant endpoints' implementation guides and API reference.

'Save Data' Request Conventions

The following table shows key and value pairs accepted in the data array in a 'Save Data' request. The sets marked "Required" will ultimately be required for the application's approval in underwriting, but they are not required for a 'Save Data' request to succeed. For instructions on sending this request, see the Save Data implementation guide:

keyRequirement for Application Approvalvalue
legal_nameConditional Requirement: Required, except when business-type is sole-prop.The legal name of the business.
business_nameRequiredThe 'Doing Business As' (DBA) name of the business. This will appear on a cardholder's statement.
business_websitesRequiredA list of URLs.
business_emailRequiredAn email address for the business.
business_phoneOptionalThe telephone number for the business. This will appear on a cardholder's statement.
business_addressRequiredThe mailing address for the business.
business_typeRequiredThe business type. Send one of the following:
sole-prop - Sole Proprietorship
llc - Limited Liability Company
corporation-public - Public Corporation
corporation-private - Private Corporation
partnership - Partnership
tax-exempt - Non-Profit
limited_partnershipRequiredSend true if the business is a limited partnership, false if it is not.
trading_statusRequiredThe trading status of the business. Send one of the following:
pt - Publicly traded
np - Non-public
tax_id_typeRequiredThe type of tax ID provided in the application. Send one of the following:
ein - Employer Identification Number (EIN)
ssn - Social Security Number (SSN)
tax_idRequiredThe tax ID for the business.
state_filedRequiredThe U.S. state in which the business files taxes.
business_establishedRequiredThe date the business was established, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.
business_mccRequiredThe Merchant Category Code (MCC) of the business's industry.
business_descriptionRequiredA detailed description of the type of clients the business sells to.
ownershipRequiredAn object containing an array of objects, the requisite form of which is determined by business_type. See Owner / Officer Information in the 'Save Data' implementation guide.
processing_historyRequiredSend true if the business has processed credit cards before or false if it has not.
business_services_processRequiredAt what point the business processes a payment. Send one of the following:
order - Payments are processed at the time of order.
fulfill - Payments are processed at the time of fulfillment.
business_services_auth_timeRequiredThe number of days before fulfillment the business takes payment. Send one or more of the following:
1 - 0 to 1 days
30 - 2 to 29 days
30+ - 30 to 89 days
90+ - 90 or more days
card_brandsRequiredThe card brands the business accepts. This should be an object of five Booleans:
vi - Set this to true if Visa is accepted.
mc - Set this to true if Mastercard is accepted.
di - Set this to true if Discover is accepted.
am - Set this to true if American Express is accepted.
gp - Set this to true if Google Pay is accepted.
card_volumeRequiredThe projected annual volume of all card payments to the business.
ach_volumeOptionalThe projected annual volume of ACH payments to the business.
total_volumeRequiredThe projected total annual sales, including cash.
high_ticketRequiredThe high ticket business to consumer (B2C) amount.
fulfillment_provider_flagRequiredHow the order is filled. Send one of the following:
business - The order is fulfilled by the business submitting this application.
thirdparty - The order is fulfilled by a third party.
fulfillment_delivery_methodRequiredHow the order is received. This should be an object of four Booleans:
digitally - Set this to true if some or all orders are fulfilled digitally.
pickup - Set this to true if some or all orders are picked up.
delivery - Set this to true if some or all orders are delivered.
Service - Set this to true if some or all orders are provided as a service.
delivery_confirmationRequiredSend true if you authorize delivery without getting a signature, false if you do not.
fulfillment_nameOptionalThe name of the fulfillment center.
fulfillment_contactOptionalThe name of the fulfillment contact.
fulfillment_emailOptionalThe email address of the fulfillment contact.
fulfillment_phoneOptionalThe phone number of the fulfillment contact.
fulfillment_addressOptionalThe address of the fulfillment center.
fulfillment_process_flagOptionalSend true if the fulfillment center enters credit card payments on your behalf, false if they do not.
bank_routingRequiredThe 9-digit routing number of the bank receiving the money.
bank_account_numberRequiredThe account number of the bank account receiving the money (usually 10-12 digits).