About Hosted Checkout

Offer a full checkout page, hosted by Maast and customized to display your logo.

Hosted Checkout is a method for easily adding payments to your website or application. Use it to generate a link that redirects customers to a hosted checkout page or modal window. Configure the page's appearance and function through the Maast Manager portal or a Checkout API request. Let Maast take care of the rest.

The documentation on this site guides you through Hosted Checkout setup and testing. This page shows an overview of supported features. The Quick Start guide gives instructions for a fast Hosted Checkout setup with default settings. The Permanent Link Method and Dynamic Link Method guides can help you set up a more customized Hosted Checkout workflow.

Hosted Checkout offers two integration methods:

Select your integration method according to your system specifications and the features in the table below:

FeaturePermanent Link MethodDynamic Link Method
Process authorization and sale transactions
Show preset options for payment amount
Let the customer enter an alternate payment amount
Add a surcharge or convenience fee
Accept multiple payment types and currencies
Automatically send a customer receipt
Show a reCAPTCHA challenge 'if suspicious,' always, or never
Customize checkout page appearance
Create multiple checkout pages for different payment workflows
Verify transactions
Tokenize transactions
Save customer payment information
Support partial payments
Automatically process repeat transactions
Add webhooks
Request transaction information via API

ACH Payments with Hosted Checkout

Maast automatically includes an ACH consent statement and agreement for every hosted checkout form that handles ACH payments. The sections below provide information on ACH validation requirements and configuring non-Maast deposit accounts.

ACH Validation Requirement 

Maast has integrated with a NACHA-certified provider to verify first-use account information per the NACHA WEB Debit Account Validation Rule. Note the following:

  • Verification - Net-new requests to tokenize, verify, or transact with full ACH routing and account numbers collected via the Internet will be sent for verification through our third-party provider.

  • Authorization codes - Any ACH 'Sale' request will return the response from the NACHA-approved third-party in the auth_code field of the payment gateway response. An auth_code will not appear for sales on accounts that are not net-new because the accounts have already been validated. Details of ACH auth_codes are available in the ACH Authorization Code Responses table.

  • Payment gateway response - After any request, the Payment Gateway API provides a description of the response in the rcode and rmsg fields. See the Payment Gateway API Response Codes table for responses to ACH transaction requests.

  • Failure response - Most issues with ACH payments are reported to you with the payment gateway response code (rcode) of 119, "Invalid ACH payment." See ACH Response Code 119 Detail Codes and Descriptions for more information.

Configuring Your Deposit Account for ACH Payments

If you are using a deposit account at a bank that is not Maast, please note the following:

  • You must ensure that your bank does not reject items due to account blocking and that it allows all potential debits and credits from the appropriate ACH payment identification numbers or company IDs.
  • Once Maast has approved you for ACH payments, contact your bank to request that it enable debits against your account for the following company IDs: 1113358832 and 1880394610.
  • A fee may be assessed if an attempt to debit your account fails due to missing company IDs.