Get Started

Quickly integrate with Maast.

All of Maast's integration methods facilitate fast and easy online payments for your customers and flexible convenience for you. Follow the steps below to find the best tools for you, set them up, and go live as quickly as possible.

Choose a Method

See Choose a Method for an overview of the methods you can use to integrate Maast payments. Once you have selected a method, you are ready to create a sandbox account.

Create a Sandbox Account

Follow the steps in Create a Sandbox Account to set up and sign into a sandbox account in the Maast Manager portal, where you will get your API credentials. You can create a sandbox account for the Maast merchant portal or the Maast partner portal.

You can now use your sandbox account to get test credentials.

Get Your Credentials

See Get Your API Credentials to obtain a sandbox security key and merchant ID.

Permanent Link Method: You do not need API credentials to set up Hosted Checkout with the permanent link method. If you're using the permanent link method, skip this step and go straight to Integrate.

You are now ready to integrate your selected payments method.


Follow the instructions linked below for your integration option:

Once you've integrated your payment method, you can test it.

Test and Go Live

Follow the instructions linked below to test your integration option and start transacting with an active production account:

You can now start transacting!