Payee Vault

Let Maast securely store payee details.

Our Platform API's Payee Vault service is a method for securely storing and referencing payment details in the Maast Payee Vault.

Please note: This API service is intended for a specific use case involving merchants set up with and paid from an FBO account. It requires integration through the Maast product team. To use this service, please contact Maast Customer Support.

This page gives an overview of Payee Vault and the requests it supports. Subpages provide implementation guides for a few important Payee Vault requests. See Payee Vault in our API Reference for endpoints and details on all supported transactions.


Our Payee Vault API supports the following features:

  • Editable payee records - You can create a payee profile with only the payee's name and add other information later, when it's more convenient. Edit the information any time.
  • Secure storage - All data is stored securely with Maast, a PCI DSS certified Level 1 service provider.

The API supports several requests. We offer API reference for all supported requests and detailed implementation guides for some.

We have guides for the following API functions:

See the Payee Vault API reference for the following additional functions supported by the API: